Fluxtream privacy policy and terms of use

1. Your data belongs to you

Your data belongs to you. It doesn’t belong to us, and it doesn’t belong to any third parties either. Fluxtream’s mission is to help you organize and understand your data, and in service of this mission, we will store and perform computations on your data. We will never share your data with third parties without your explicit permission. And we will never lock you in: you can download your data and/or delete your account at any time. (As of October 2013, we’re still working on adding a download button inside Fluxtream. In the meantime please send email to admin@fluxtream.org and we’ll arrange to give you a snapshot of your data.)

2. We will protect your data

We will secure and protect your data. While our servers are located in the United States and we’re subject to the laws of the U.S., we’ll push back as strongly as we legally can on any governmental requests for data from our servers. (And we’re prepared to move operations to a country that better respects privacy if the climate in the U.S. doesn’t improve.)

3. We carefully use third-party tools, in limited circumstances

Like other websites, we stand on the shoulders of giants by using some great tools to help us scale, debug, and analyze how well Fluxtream is working for you. To perform these tasks, some of these third-party tools will have access to very limited information: traffic patterns and visits. Never your personal data. We’ll also be very careful in the selection of these tools to make sure any traffic patterns and visit information are used solely in service of Fluxtream and you, and not further utilized or distributed.

4. We’re not perfect

We’ll do our best to grow and maintain Fluxtream for you, and to respond to problems you let us know about. But we can’t promise you that Fluxtream will always be available, and that we’ll never lose data or make other mistakes. In using this service, you agree that the only remedies for problems resulting from your use of Fluxtream are (1) a sincere and personal apology, and (2) a refund of whatever amount you might have paid to Fluxtream. Which at the moment (good news and bad news) is zero, since Fluxtream’s service is free of charge, at least until/if we ever roll out any paid services in the future.

5. Fluxtream is not a medical service

In using Fluxtream, you agree that Fluxtream isn’t a medical service.